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Mill & Flax-Breaking House

Kötzlmühle mill in Feistritz: This old toll mill and its three mill wheels was first mentioned in 1305. The inclined timber trough and oak fountain trough are also used as a Kneipp therapy facility and are freely accessible at all times! The barefoot path combines the themes of wood and health. The exercises require balance and dexterity. They provide good training for the ankles and massage the foot reflex zones. Brechelhütte (flax-breaking house) in Althofen: The flax-breaking house is the only remaining example of its kind and provides an insight into how flax was dried in the past in loving teamwork in order to allow removal of the outer sheaths and extraction of the “hair” during the subsequent breaking process. Tip: Combine a visit to the Brechlhütte with a wonderful hike on the Lassen Runde circuit.


July & August every Tuesday

Kötzlmühle: 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Brechlhütte (flax - breaking house): guided tours by appointment

By prior appointment for groups - May - October



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