Zeltweg Sports Centre

The sports centre is in the centre of Aichfeld and offers - not least because of its size (126,600 m²) - a variety of leisure and sports activities for all ages. This attractive facility offers over 20 different (summer and winter) sports.

The sports halls, spacious outdoor area and the generous parking facilities mean that it is also ideal as an event and exhibition centre.
The newly designed hall includes 3 tennis and squash courts, a sports café and a Wellness complex. A perfectly prepared, cross-country skiing trail (1.5 km) with artificial snow, floodlit on Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 6:00pm - 9:00pm, guarantees the entire family pure skiing fun. Wellness facilities open from 1:00pm.

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Museum Murtal - Regional archaeological exhibits

Hallstatt period finds from four royal graves at the foot of the Falkenberg present exciting new puzzles.
HolzwerkSTADT Judenburg | © Foto Mitteregger | Foto Mitteregger
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Wood Workshop, Judenburg

Drill, saw, grind, glue and paint: at the HolzwerkSTADT (Wood Workshop) Judenburg everything revolves around the topic of wood. Children from the age of three can have fun learning how to be creative with wood. Visitors can try out all the devices ...

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